Complete Cemetery Management Solution

Cemtracker has been designed to deliver the functionality cemetery administrators require to manage both grave locations and the details of the interred, while providing a public facing interface that allows interested parties easy access to cemetery related content, including a comprehensive search, virtual cemetery tour and mobile application.


With Cemtracker you can provide public access to selected content associated with your cemetery, allow users to view grave and memorial plots, search for  interment details and more

Cemtracker provides a comprehensive database driven solution for the management of all cemetery data, a 100% web based architecture allows access from anywhere with an API for integration

Cemtracker delivers a number of interactive features that enhance the experience users have while visiting your cemetery including, a Virtual tour, Mobile application and more

Cemtracker provides a virtual cemetery tour, utilising the GPS coordinates associated with each plot or memorial location, the virtual cemetery provides an interactive user experience.

While the heart of Cemtracker is the engine that allows administrative management of your cemetery details, it offers a public facing portal that provides a rich visitor user experience.

Cemtracker is a 100% web based solution, it utilises infrastructure located within a private cloud environment to deliver a fully featured cemetery plot management system

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